WesternRoute is an open-systems, hardware-independent system with an inbuilt clearing function for collecting and processing public transport transactions. The system can be employed by several subscribers and service providers, in which case the system divides the joint revenues received between them according to the actual sales and passenger journeys made.

The system does not restrict the number of ticket products or the pricing factors relating to them. Software automation enables the system to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WesternRoute handles the processing of millions of transactions a day. Even individual travel events are browsable for months. Transactions for different types of vehicles (buses, trains, metro, trams, ferries, etc), sales outlets, automated vending machines, inspection devices and phones can be entered into the system.

WesternRoute can be integrated into the existing hardware environment through jointly defined interfaces.

WesternRoute solves problems arising from high-volume mass transactions generated by different hardware platforms. The system determines what data is deficient or excessive and whether the transactions match the fares collected and accounting entries, and based on this can calculate the impact of the missing transactions. The system can be browsed at the transaction level using the criteria desired. The clearing function allows correct distribution of revenues between the users according to the actual passenger journeys made, ticket reloads and sales.

WesternRoute provides excellent tools for producing the ticket products desired, accurate information for traffic planning, and transaction-level clearing for effective financial administration.

WesternRoute is the back-office system in public transportation of Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in public transportation of wider Turku area. The new nationwide travelcard system in Finland is based on WesternRoute technology.